Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumper Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumpers Are Now Back In Stock!


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There is No Planet B

The cornerstone of any textile business is the materials that it uses. And at Mika & Milo we believe in using Sustainable Natural materials which do not put any further strain on Mother Earth.

Why Cashmere?

Did you know that cashmere is not only softer than wool, but also much warmer, and surely our Little Ones deserve only the best. After all, we all know how fussy they can be. And, unlike wool, cashmere can be worn close to your skin without feeling scratchy. 

Eco Cashmere

All our Cashmere comes from Goats which live in sustainable farms up in the wild plains of Inner Mongolia. They are only sheared once a year in the Spring when they no longer need their fine inner coat, and they are housed in spacious outdoor farms. Once left to roam wild, these goats used to pull out the roots of the grass that they ate. And this in turn, left the soil prone to desertification, resulting in huge sand storms which blew down as far south as Hong Kong. Our partners up in Inner Mongolia now work with the local famers to keep the goats in designated areas and have planted large pockets of trees to keep the soil intact.

Yarn All our cashmere yarn has passed the strictest Ethical & Environmental standards so that it is not only is Safe for your Little Tots to wear it close to their skin, but the factories that have produced them have passed the most Stringent of Environmental Standards.

Zero Plastic

In a bid to be lower our Plastic Footprint, all our cashmere is packaged in Recycled Plastic at the factory and we send out all our garments in the same Recycled bags to you. And, in a bid to Reuse all our plastic, we will give you a 10% Discount off your next order if you return your plastic bag back to us.

At Mika & Milo, we believe that setting an Example is the best way to teach the Younger Generation about the importance of looking after Mother Earth. After all, there is No Planet B.