Cashmere Goats

Family legacy

My family have been working in the textile industry for well over a century. My Great Grandfather used to run his own woollen mill producing his own brand of Scottish tweeds on the outskirts of Edinburgh. When my father joined the business, he added cashmere to the mix. In the past, Scottish cashmere was the finest in the world.  But, fast forward 100 years, and the world's Snuggliest cashmere now comes from the blustery plains of Inner Mongolia where the frigid winter cold helps the goats grow a fine inner coat in order to keep them warm. And, it is this fine coat which makes the most delicious cashmere jumpers. My Dad first went up to Inner Mongolia some 40 years ago and we have been working with our cashmere partners up there ever since.

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Our Ethos

In this Age of Environmental Decline, it’s important to tread carefully on this Beautiful Planet that provides us Home. After all, there is NO planet B. That’s why at Mika & Milo, we believe in making beautiful sustainable products which will last, so that they can be passed down from sibling to sibling and then of course, generation to generation. After all, what could possibly be nicer than for your kids to pass down their cashmere hand-me-downs to their own Little Ones?



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Cashmere for Kids

Why cashmere?

Did you know that one cashmere goat only produces enough yarn to make one baby-sized jumper a year? That's why this most precious of natural materials is so highly sought after. Also, did you know that cashmere is not only softer and lighter than wool, but that it is also much warmer? It can also be worn close to the skin without feeling itchy. Plus, it is naturally breathable, helping small babies to regulate their body temperatures as they move from being outdoors in the cold to the warmth of the indoors. And, perhaps most importantly, if cared for properly, cashmere can last for years as it is incredibly durable, making it the perfect hand-me-down fibre in this age of much needed sustainability. And, surely our Little Ones, and the beautiful planet which they will inherit, deserve only the best. 


There is NO Planet B

With the 10 hottest decades all taking place this century, Climate Change is clearly no longer some distant existential threat that may affect us in the future: it’s happening right here, right now. One need only look to the recent wildfires that swept across Australia to see what a rapidly warming world looks like. And, as we are each part of the same whole when it comes to Mother Earth, we must all play our part to protect this Beautiful world that provides us Home. After all, there is No Planet B. That’s why at Mika & Milo, we are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions by working with One Tree Planted to plant lots and lots and lots of trees. Our Tall Wooded Friends are not only majestic, but they are brilliant natural carbon absorbers, helping to keep our world cooler, both literally and figuratively.