1: Ply, Gauge and Weight: It All Matters

Ply and gauge are terms used to describe the way a jumper is knitted: it does not refer to the quality or value of the sweater. 

As cashmere is a precious and rare commodity, the weight of cashmere used in a jumper directly determines its value.

The higher the percentage of cashmere used, the higher the value.

And that's why 100% cashmere is always more expensive and than cashmere blends.

And, that's why heavier cashmere knits are always more pricey than lighter weight knits. 

When investing in a cashmere sweater, make sure that you buy top-grade Inner Mongolian cashmere which has not be interbred with coarser haired goats: this type of cashmere is rough to the touch. 

In order to meet high international demand for cashmere, a lot of herdsmen have interbred their cashmere goats with coarser haired goats to produce more yarn.

However, such yarn is both shorter and rougher. 

The longer and thinner the fibre, the softer and more longer lasting the piece. 

A top grade 100% cashmere sweater should last a lifetime if looked after properly. 

2: What is Gauge?

Guage is the number of needles used per inch.

The lower the gauge, the more loosely knit the sweater is.

The higher the gauge, the more tightly knit the sweater is.


3: What is Ply?

Ply is the number of individual strands twisted together to form a piece of yarn.

The twisting process helps to form yarn much like braiding your hair.

2-ply yarn consists of two strands twisted in opposite directions and then twisted together to create resistance.

By using 2-ply yarn, your jumper will hang straight and luxuriously. 

A sweater made with a single ply only has motion only in one direction and this can cause your jumper to hang rather badly. 

Also, the thicker the ply, the warmer, heavier and more expensive your jumper becomes. 

4: Pure Cashmere vs. Cashmere Blends

Cashmere in its purest form is the most sought-after and precious of fibres.

It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the spring as it is wonderfully breathable. 

It also gets softer with age.

A 100% top grade Inner Mongolian cashmere jumper should last a lifetime if looked after properly, making it the perfect heirloom piece. 

Cashmere Blends combine cashmere with less expensive yarns such as silk, wool and cotton.

This compromises the coveted softness and insulating properties of cashmere and lowers the value of the garment.

As a result, the garment is often offered at lower prices.

However, when it comes to children, a cotton cashmere blend is a lovely blend as it has the softness of cashmere and the added practicality and hard wearing properties of cotton. 


How does MIKA & MILO do it?

At MIKA & MILOwe remove the middlemen and work directly with our factories in Inner Mongolia and then pass those savings straight onto you.

We are thus able to offer 100% luxury cashmere and cashmere blends at affordable prices.