Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumper Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumpers Are Now Back In Stock!


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Why We Love Organic Cotton/ Cashmere

We started off as a 100% cashmere offering, but after having 2 extremely mucky pups of our own (Mika & Milo) who LOVE to roll around in paint (literally) and jump up and down in muddy puddles, we have decided to offer more.

This AW we are launching a more affordable hard-wearing, everyday collection made up machine -washable organic cotton and cashmere.

Zero Fuss: Adventures Full Speed Ahead

It's something which can be worn on all of your Little One’s adventures from rolling around in the park, climbing up trees and making bases out in the woods, without any of the fuss. 
We really want kids to enjoy being kids with all the mucky puppiness that it involves as we all know how quickly it passes.  

So, if a dollop of ketchup falls on it during a fish-finger session, no need to panic: simply pop it into the wash on a cool delicate cycle after a hard day of play. 

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

It is important to note that as a brand, MIKA & MILO is not GOTS certified yet, but we are working on it.

However, our yarn supplier is very much GOTS certified. 

That means that over 90% of its 'organic cotton' content is certified organic which makes it a win for the planet too. 

Why Organic Cotton Is Better For The Planet

Did you know that organic cottonuses far less water than it's conventional cousin.

In fact, did you know that you need a staggering 10,000 to 20,000 litres of water to produce just 1KG of cotton?

That's 20,000 Evian bottles!

Organic cotton also releases nearly 50% less carbon emissions so you can feel good knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint by buying it compared to normal cotton. 

Better For The Farmers & Bees Too

PLUS, it is pesticide free too, meaning that it won’t hurt your kids' bodies, nor the farmers who grow it as it won't pollute their water supplies.

It's also better for our little friends the bees. 

Anyone who loves watching David Attenborough's latest TV series Wild Isles will appreciate how important our little bee friends are.

Organic cotton also ensures that the farmers who grow it are paid a fair wage whilst working under ethical conditions, making it a win for us and a win for them. 

Buy Less, Choose Well & Pass It On

Also, if you invest in a well made piece of organic fashion, you are investing in not only your child, the planet, and their future, but also the next generation as it is something which can be passed down.

Organic cotton is not only softer, but also ore durable than normal cotton. 

Isn’t it better to buy less, choose well and then pass it on?

We certainly think so.

After all, what could be possibly nicer than for your kids to pass down their hand-me-downs to their own little Ones?

No Planet B

As a former climate writer and parent to Mika aged 7Y and Milo aged 5Y, our founder knows how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by the current state of the climate and environmental crisis.

But, as the Chinese philosopher Lau Tsu once said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.”

So if we can all play our part to protect this beautiful planet that provides our home, together we can move the needle forward. 

In the words of Martin Luther King: “We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny.”

And nowhere is this more poignant than when it comes to the beautiful planet which provides us all home. 

After all, there is no planet B and surely our children and earth which they will inherit deserve only the best?

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Our Planet Values


MIKA & MILO is a multi-award winning 4th generation Scottish textile company which specialises in organic cotton and cashmere blends for kids aged 0-3M up to 10Y old. It beleives in making beautiful sustainable pieces which last so that they can be passed down from sibling to sibling, cousin to cousin and hopefully, generation to generation.