Our Multi-Award Winning Winter Collection is now on SALE

Our Multi-Award Winning Winter Collection is now on SALE


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Pinch Punch, First of The Month

"Pinch punch, first of the month and no return."

Can you believe that it's already September, a month traditionally associated with the leaves changing colour as we usher in the start of the school year?

Now, i'm not sure if any of you use the expression "pinch, punch", but I just learned that it dates back to Medieval times when people used to believe in witches. Back then, society believed in something called maleficium: using supernatural powers to harm others, rather like the Disney move Maleficent. 

Such people were commonly referred to as witches, and burned at the stake accordingly. As a form of protection, people believed that salt could weaken the evil powers of a witch, hence the need for a good "pinch" of the stuff. It was then followed up with a "punch" to banish the witch for good.

The phrase ‘pinch punch’ therefore became a way of welcoming in a new month and protecting oneself from bad luck. And, as an expression, it is still widely used today.

So, "pinch punch" to all of you, and wishing you all a wonderful month ahead. A special shout out to all the mums out there who are homeschooling their kids. I just started home learning with my daughter, and i must say that it is a lotharder that it looks, especially if you more than one child and you're trying to mum as well (heavy emphasis on trying).

I honestly can't imagine how hard it must be for parents of older kids with more rigorous schedules, especially if there are several siblings are involved. To all the parents out there who are enduring this, i salute you. After all, being an unpaid teacher's assistant is tough!


I don't know about you, but i always find that the tail end of the year whips around far too quickly. It's funny how the first 3 months of the year have a slow and steady pace, whilst the last quarter is always really rather manic. Perhaps it has something to do with the want to wrap things in order to end the year on a high.

And, although it may not seem like it, 2021 will soon be upon us. Whilst many of us may be looking forward to seeing the end of this pandemic year (marked by a lot of home time, mask wearing and alcoholic spray), i always feel rather thoughtful as autumn and then winter approach.

After all, it marks the inevitable passage of time, meaning that we are only getting older with less time on this beautiful planet that provides us home. So, regardless of how challenging 2020 has been, let us all tryto be more grateful for each day that we get to spend with the people that we love. No one can deny that  each passing year only gets faster and faster.

So, wishing you all a very happy September: may it mark the start of many wonderful new beginnings, especially for our Little Ones as they embark on their homeschooling journey and eventually return back to the classroom.

Continue to safe everyone! X