Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumper Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumpers Are Now Back In Stock!


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Why Organic Cotton Is Far Better For The Planet Than Normal Cotton

It's no secret that the fashion world is finally waking up to its impact on the environment. But whilst the fashion industry might understand it, the people buying the clothes often don't. So we're here today to shed a light on one way you can have a positive impact on the environment just by changing how you buy kids clothing. Look at the cotton for kids clothing and opt for organic cotton. It's much better for the environment, and you don't just have to take our word for it, we've got reasons to back up those claims too!

Less Water To Produce 

On average, organic cotton takes around 88% less water to produce than normal cotton. It's also responsible for 98% less water pollution. That means that organic cotton is both using less water, and damaging our remaining water less too. That's an enormous difference that you can make by switching to organic cotton for kids clothing in the future. Water conservation is an important thing, and you could help with conservation efforts by simply switching the type of clothing you buy. How awesome is that?

Less Carbon Dioxide Emissions 

Manufacturing creates carbon dioxide, which leads to rising temperatures on earth, which then has a whole host of issues associated with it. Just look at the effects of global warming in 2021, and you'll see how important it is that we reduce carbon dioxide emissions as far as possible.

Yes, organic cotton still produces carbon dioxide emissions, but there are 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions with organic cotton than with normal cotton. That's a huge leap, and if more of us shopped for kids clothing gifts that were made of organic cotton, imagine the impact we could have!

Less Harmful Chemicals 

In order to produce normal cotton, we need to use insecticides and pesticides to protect the plants so that we have enough cotton to use for the huge demand that there is for cotton clothing. Organic cotton doesn't need these harmful chemicals to keep it protected though, so it's much kinder to the soil and the environment. These harmful chemicals kill wildlife, pollute water sources, and kill other types of plants - all things that are terrible for our planet. A simple switch to organic cotton could change all that.

Better For The Soil And Our Farmers 

Regular cotton is terrible for the soil because of the chemicals mentioned above. These chemicals can take years to leave the soil, making it only appropriate for farmers to plant more cotton. This makes their land unsafe to grow food for themselves and their families, and chemicals can anddopollute farmer's food and water supplies. Is potentially making another family sick worth it just so you can buy some cotton clothes? We don't think so either, which is why we're calling for you all to switch to organic cotton wherever possible!

Leads To A More Positive Future For ALL

Finally, organic cotton truly does create a more positive future for us all. It helps with water conservation, cleaner air, protecting the environment, and supporting those farmers and their families that may otherwise be at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals. It really is that big. So if you want to know why organic cotton is so much better for your little ones, it's simple - it's better for your little ones because it's better for the planet, and what better gift is there to give our children than a planet that we're leaving in a better state than when we arrived?