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Junior Design awards 2021


We are thrilled to announce that we won Gold at this year's Junior Design Awards (JDA's) for Best Children's Knitwear Collection.

The award comes one year after we won Silver at the JDA's for Best International Fashion Newcomer.

Cashmere Goats

Family legacy

My family have been working in the textile industry for well over a century. My Great Grandfather used to run his own woollen mill producing his own brand of Scottish tweeds on the outskirts of Edinburgh. When my father joined the business, he added cashmere to the mix. In the past, Scottish cashmere was the finest in the world.  But, fast forward 100 years, and the world's Snuggliest cashmere now comes from the blustery plains of Inner Mongolia where the frigid winter cold helps the goats grow a fine inner coat in order to keep them warm. And, it is this fine coat which makes the most delicious cashmere jumpers. My Dad first went up to Inner Mongolia some 40 years ago and we have been working with our cashmere partners up there ever since.

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