Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumper Are Now Back In Stock!

Our Best Selling Lightning, Ziggy and Angel Jumpers Are Now Back In Stock!


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Climate Change: We Are Carbon Offsetting

 The horrific wildfires sweeping across Australia have captured the world's attention with heartbreaking images of charred kangaroos and burnt koala bears. An area the size of Switzerland has been razed to the ground, whilst a staggering one billion animals have perished.

Burning with an intensity likened to “an atomic bomb”, the inferno is so fierce it has created giant columns of smoke which climb up to 14 kilometres into the sky. And, to make matters worse, these towers of smoke have created their own weather systems, triggering lighting strikeswhich in turn ignite more fires.  

And, whilst this may sound like some apocalyptic nightmare straight out of Dante’s 6th realm of hell, this is what a rapidly warming world looks like. And, whilst climate change is not responsible for creating any one event, it certainly exacerbates it. Before the fires started, Australia was in the grip of its hottest and driest year on record, turning its bushland into a tinderbox, and setting the stage for this disaster.

Clearly, he climate change emergency is no longer some distant existential threat: it’s happening right here, right now. And, we must all play our part to protect this beautiful planet that provides us home.

That’s why at Mika & Milo, we are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions this year by working with One Tree Planted to plant lots and lots of trees.

Our tall wooded friends are not only beautiful, but they are brilliant natural carbon absorbers. That's why we all need to protect vast forested areas such as the Amazon. After all, there is no planet B and our Little One's are depending on it.

Let's all play our part to make 2020 the decade when the world reins in catastrophic climate change. Fore more information on the climate crisis, please read here and here.