The cornerstone of any textile business is the materials that it uses. And at Mika & Milo we believe in using Sustainable Natural materials which do not put any further strain on Mother Earth.

Why Cashmere?

Did you know that cashmere is not only softer and finer than wool, but it is also much warmer? And, surely our Little Ones deserve only the best. After all, we all know how fussy Little Tots can be. And, unlike wool, cashmere can be worn close to your skin without feeling itchy. Cashmere is also the perfect material for small babies as it is breathable, helping the Tiny Ones regulate their own temperatures as they move from being outdoors in the cold to indoors in the warmth. 

Eco Cashmere

All our Cashmere comes from Goats which live in Sustainable farms up in the wild plains of Inner Mongolia. And, they are only sheared once a year in the Spring when they no longer need their fine inner coat to keep them warm. Once left to roam wild, these goats used to pull out the roots of the grass which they ate which in turn, left the soil prone to desertification. As a result, huge sandstorms used to blow down as far south as Hong Kong. Our partners up in Inner Mongolia now work with the local famers to keep the goats in spacious outdoor farms, and have planted large pockets of trees to keep the soil intact.

Why Mika & Milo Cashmere?

My family have been working in the Textile industry for well over a century. It started with my Great-Grandfather who founded A & J Macnab which ran its own woollen mill producing fine Scottish Tweeds in Edinburgh. By the time my Father joined the team, their own brand of Macnab Tweed was sold throughout the US, Europe and Asia. However, when my Grandfather fell ill, the business was sold, and my Dad moved to Asia to set up Macnab Drummond which started procuring Cashmere.

In the past, Scottish cashmere was the finest in the world. However, as labour costs rose in the UK, it started to become too expensive to produce and unable to compete with the meteoric rise of China. Fast forward 100 years, and most of the world’s top grade cashmere now comes from the blustery plains of Inner Mongolia.

My Father first went up to Inner Mongolia some 40 years ago, and has been working with our cashmere partners up there ever since. In many ways, my eventual foray into this field was inevitable. After joining the family business over a decade ago, when I was pregnant with Milo, I wanted to make something for my Little Ones as cashmere is both so soft and breathable. And, in this era of Sad Environmental Decline, it had to be something that was the antithesis of fast fashion: something that would last so that it could be passed down from Sibling to Sibling, and then, of course, Generation to Generation. After all, what could possibly be nicer than for your own kids to pass down their cashmere hand-me-downs to their own Little Ones?

All our cashmere yarn has passed the strictest Ethical & Environmental standards so that it is Safe for your Little Tots to wear it close to their skin. Also, the factories that have produced them have passed the most Stringent of Environmental Standards.

Compostable Packaging

In a bid to be lower our Plastic Footprint, all our cashmere is packaged in Compostable bags which will literally decompose in the rubbish as soon as you throw them out. So you won’t have to worry about them ending up in some poor whale’s stomach. 

At Mika & Milo, we believe that setting an Example is the best way to teach the Younger Generation about the importance of looking after Mother Earth. After all, there is No Planet B.