“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” Mahatma Ghandi⠀

The BEST advise I’ve heard so far regarding homeschooling is to perhaps let it go to a certain extent. Obviously, there are some older kids who really need to focus on their homework right now, but for all the younger kids out there, perhaps it’s okay to just let it slide. After all, we ALL have so much on our plates right now worrying about the physical dangers of this virus to the economic repercussions that it will have on us now and further down the line so maybe the last thing we all need is to add to our overall stress levels.

Also, perhaps our kids don’t really need the extra stress either. Even though we are all doing our best to shelter them from all the horrific news out there, they definitely know that something is up. After all, they’re not at school and they can’t hang out with their best mates.

My daughter Mika is terribly frustrated. She has made drawings and videos appeals to the global police to go lock up that “naughty virus”! All she wants to do is go back to School and play with all her friends.

I think the greatest gift that we can give our kids is the freedom to explore without helicoptering above them. And whilst that freedom has been sharply eroded during this unprecedented lockdown, they still have the freedom of their minds to run wild in. As the great Ghandi once said: ” You can chain me, torture me but you will never imprison my mind.” Those words are rather poignant now where a lot of our freedoms have temporarily gone.

So, it’s’s a good time to nurture that imagination to run amock through drawing, painting, arts & crafts, role play and general mucking about. If you have a garden, consider yourself lucky as you’ve got nature’s classroom right there! Just think about all the worms and snails and plants they have to learn from.

A lot of our kids aged 4 plus will remember this time. So, let’s try our best to make those memories positive and encourage something GOOD to come out of all of this craziness. A highly developed imagination which creates impressive array of arts and crafts will certainly serve them well in life as it will teach them how to entertain themselves whilst opening up wonderful new avenues for problem solving and creativity.

AND, if it’s any consolation to all you stir crazy mummies, my kids have been off school since the end of January. So, hang in there for once this time passes, I’m sure that we will all miss this extra time with our Little Loves for they all grow up too quickly X


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