HELP: Ketchup/ Peanut Butter Stain on your Cashmere Jumper?!

So your Little Love has just dropped a huge dollop of ketchup/ peanut butter all over their new brand new cashmere jumper. Arghh ! Tomato-based stains are notoriously difficult to remove, so whilst one’s first reaction might be to panic and run for the hills, rest assured, they are easy to treat so it’s important to remain calm and soldier on.

Although cashmere has a reputation for being high maintenance and difficult to look after, armed with the following tips, you will be able to manoeuvre your way through a vast array for spills and stains so do not fret.

Like most stains, ketchup and peanut butter are easier to remove when they are still fresh so try to get to them as soon as possible. However, even if said stain has been neglected until laundry day, you may still be to salvage your jumper as long as you follow these simply steps.

Please remember to always use Cold Water as Hot Water will not only damage your cashmere, but it will encourage  your stain to set further. Okay, you ready?

1: Using a butter knife or a spoon, carefully lift said ketchup/peanut butter globule from the affected area.

2: Next, run cold water through the back of the stain as quickly as possible as this will push the stain out the back of the fabric. Please note the emphasis on BACK OF STAIN. Do not run the water through the front of the stain as this will only push it deeper into your jumper. Also, make sure that you use cold water because hot water will set the stain.

3: Next, massage a tiny amount of dish soap onto the stain with your fingers: please note the emphasis on tiny amount. Now whilst dish soap might sound controversial, it’s excellent at cutting through grease (this is it’s job spec after all), and it is safe to use on cashmere in tiny amounts.

4: Rinse the area in question with cool water so that all the soap is washed off and lay the jumper flat to dry.

Caring for your Cashmere:

Although most people think that cashmere can only be dry cleaned, it is easy to care for your cashmere at home. And, whilst you can put your machine wash your cashmere on a cold delicate cycle, you will get the best results if you try your hand (pardon the pun!) at hand washing. Plus, it’s more far more environmental too!

How to Hand-Wash Cashmere

  1. Make sure that the sink or bucket you are using is clean and then fill it with cool water and add a small amount of detergent.
  2. Put your jumper in the water and swirl it around so that the soap can fully coat the fibres. Allow your jumper to soak for about 5minutes. 
  3. Next, drain the wash water and rinse it with cool water to wash off the soap. 
  4. While your jumper is still in the sink, bear down on it using your hands to push excess water out. But, please remember: DO NOT WRING IT as this will only damage the fibres causing them to stretch or fray!
  5. Next, lay your jumper flat on a towel and roll it up to soak up the extra water.
  6. And, finally lay it flat to dry. DO NOT HANG IT UP as this will only stretch it and ruin it. .

How to Machine Wash a Sweater

If you machine wash your cashmere jumpers, please make sure you follow these steps: 

  1. Use cold water.
  2. Select the delicate cycle, which is sometimes labeled “slow/slow” or “hand wash”. This will expose your jumpers to less agitation which is key as too much agitation will cause their fibres to fray and break, causing pilling and felting.
  3. Put your jumper into a protective mess washing bag: this will cut down of the amount of friction it is exposed to in the wash.
  4. Don’t put jeans into the washing machine at the same time as this will only create more friction for your jumpers. It’s best to wash your jumpers with other delicates at the same time. 5: And like hand washing your jumper, do not wring your jumpers once they come out of the washing machine. And, once again, please lay them flat to dry. 

Storing your Cashmere:

1: Do not hang your cashmere jumpers or dresses as the hanger will only stretch the shoulders and ruin the it. 

2: Instead, fold your cashmere and keep in a drawer away from moisture.

3: When storing it away fro the season, you can pack it up in a breathable garment bag or storage box in a cool dry area. 

4: Remember to clean your cashmere before you store it away for the season as moths love dirt. You can also add some cedar wood moth repellents to be extra careful. 


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