Slow Fashion

In this Era of great Climate Change and sad Environmental Decline, it’s our mission to tread carefully on this Beautiful Planet that provides us Home. The Antithesis to Fast Fashion, our mission is provide garments that can be Passed Down from Sibling to Sibling, and then Generation to Generation. After all, what could possibly be nicer than having your own children Hand Down their Cashmere Jumpers to their Little Ones?


All our cashmere yarn has passed the strictest Ethical & Environmental standards so that it is not only is Safe for your Little Tots to wear it close to their skin, but the factories that have produced them have passed the most Stringent of Environmental Standards.

Tree Planting

In fact, one of our Cashmere Partners has taken an active role in Planting Trees in Inner Mongolia. In the past, the Goats were left free to roam the grasslands. However, as they pull out the roots when they eat Grass, it was causing Desertification which in turned produced enormous Sand Storms which would blow down as far as Hong Kong.

As a result our cashmere partners have taken an active role in Tree Planting in the area, and encouraging the local farmers to keep their goats in designated fields.

Zero Plastic

In a bid to be lower our Plastic Footprint, all our cashmere is packaged in Recycled Plastic at the factory and we send out all our garments in the same Recycled bags to you. And, in a bid to Reuse all our plastic, we will give you a 10% Discount off your next order if you do. 

At Mika & Milo, we believe that setting an Example is the best way to teach the Younger Generation about the importance of looking after Mother Earth. After all, there is No Planet B.