Our Debut Spring Collection

Dreaming of longer days filled with more warmth and sunlight? Take solace in the fact that the shortest day of the year is now behind us, and each day going forward will only grow longer and brighter as we move slowly but surely into Spring!
In a bid to produce less waste this year, we have decided to open up our debut S21 collection up to Pre-Order.

We have recreated some of our best-selling styles including the much loved Bowie Jumper, Ruffled Romper and Bobble Cardigan in a new lighter weight cotton yarn which has just a smidgen of cashmere (5%) for extra softness.

Colour permitting, most styles in this collection are made with organic cotton. Did you know that organic cotton produces 98% less water pollution, 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions , and removes 450 kg more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per hectare compared to regular cotton?

Don’t worry: not did I until recently. And, that’s why we have used it where possible in this collection. After all, there is no Planet B and it’s important to tread carefully on this beautiful planet that provides us home.
In colours where organic cotton is not available, we have used BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton which strives to make global cotton production better for both the people who make it, and better for the environment that it grows in.

As part of our continued drive to be more green, we will also continue our tree planting efforts with One Tree Planted. We are happy to know that we have planted nearly 150 trees in Australia so far this year, and will continue our commitment to this cause as trees are wonderful CO2 absorbers. And, we need more of them to keep our planet cool, both literally and figuratively.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy year ahead with lots of love from our family to yours. Continue to take good care.
Much love, Mika & Milo X