Perfect Gifts For Little Boys

Are you looking for the Perfect Gift for either your Little Boy, God Son or Nephew? At Mika & Milo, we have got you covered. We have everything from Dino Hoodies, to Lightning Bolts to Formula One Inspired Black & White Checks. Made in Inner Mongolia with the Finest Cashmere, all our pieces are incredibly Warm and wonderfully Stylish, getting your Little Tot through Winter with a Huge pinch of Style. 

1: Dino Hoodie

ROAR: Dress your Little Dino in this fun Hoodie complete with Dino Spikes on both the Hood and down the Back. Not only is it wonderfully war , but it is Incredibly Stylish.


2: Bowie Jumper & Bowie Jacket


Inspired by the late David Bowie, this Jumper takes on the Iconic Lightning Bolt with a Bold Intarsia design down the front. Or, if you're looking for something a little bit more discreet, check out our Bowie Bomber Jacket. Made in Inner Mongolia with the Finest Cashmere, they are both Snuggly and Warm and Incredibly Stylish.


3: Checked Jumper & Checked Pants:

Looking for a Bold Design for your Little Tot? Our Checked Jumper & Pants will certainly do the trick. Inspired by Formula One racing, this smart set get your Little Tot through winter with a large pinch of Style.

4: Bomber Jacket, Fisherman Jumper & Moss Stitch Jumper

Looking for something Classic & Unisex which could also be passed down to Little Tot's upcoming sibling? Our Thick Bomber Jacket, Fisherman Jumper & Moss Stitch Jumper all in Light Grey will definitely do the trick. They are all wonderfully Warm and incredibly Stylish, making them perfect little Hand Me Down.